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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Derek Bell in Detroit

5 times Le Mans winner Derek Bell helped launch the Bentley Continental GT V8 in Detroit yesterday.

Here are some pictures of the reveal.

Now it's first public sight.

And here is Derek Bell, firstly in a trendy skivvy.

Now in a more traditional car salesman attire of a shirt and tie. Well at least for the launch of a new car!

This is how the rest of the stand looked like, with a nice Bentley Mulsanne on one side.

And a Continental GT W12 on the other.

It's interesting how with the launch of one car, the Continental GT V8, the names of other cars seemingly change, for example the Continental GTC W12.

Well this is how Bentley Motors tweeted the name of the car anyway.

Probably how on the launch of the Bentley T2, the Bentley T because the Bentley T1.

Here is a video of a couple of other Bentley racing drivers talking about the Bentley Continental GT V8.

Thanks Bentley Motors for tweeting the photos and the video.


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