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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bentley´╗┐ Turbo RT Mulliner

The Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner really is a beautiful car.

Let's take a walk around this one in Japan.

Love the bonnet scoops, the chrome rear view mirrors and the turned alloy interior.

Do you want one?

How about this one.

It has turned up for sale in the US.

I certainly do like it.

It does not have the bonnet scoops, or the small rear window, but oh well.

It does have the wing vents and the chrome 5 spoke alloys.

The piano black wood certainly does look good, as does the big red start button.

The mulberry red seat inserts sets the interior apart.

I'll take it if it was a right hooker.

For sale from here for $USD90000.

Future classic indeed.

Here is a good walk around and drive.

Update - the car is currently on ebay here.



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