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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bentley Buccaneer made by Heuliez for the Sultan of Brunei

I do like the 1996 Bentley Buccaneer made for the Sultan of Brunei made by the French coachbuilder Heuliez. I am unaware who designed it, but to me it does look Italian, and could have been Zagato.

Bentley Buccaneer

It really is a design study precursor to the Bentley Continental GT.

Bentley knew where they were heading design wise, and having a customer like the Sultan of Brunei willing to spend millions on each car enables them to push the envelope and come up with the future, well before the public got a glimpse.

Bentley Buccaneer

Just look at it. This is in 1996. Bentley GT.

The Bentley was built in Crewe in 1996, has dual airbags, features a 6.75 Litre V8, single Garrett turbocharger, non-catalyst engine is right hand drive and is built on the special "ZH" chassis, like many of the other Sultan car.

Bentley Buccaneer

The VIN numbers, model and Brunei registration numbers for the 6 made are as follows:

SCBZH16C3TCH00434 Bentley Buccaneer BM 1154
SCBZH16C5TCH00435 Bentley Buccaneer BP 2121
SCBZH16C7TCH00436 Bentley Buccaneer KF 9998
SCBZH16C9TCH00437 Bentley Buccaneer KF 9997
SCBZH16C0TCH00438 Bentley Buccaneer BQ 1122
SCBZH16C2TCH00439 Bentley Buccaneer BP 9191

Now some new photos!

Heuliez have uploaded some photos of the car being constructed.

Here it is in what I think is known as the body in white stage if it had been constructed in Crewe.

Bentley Buccaneer

Now at the paint stage. Just look at the front. The design is so forward thinking. It looks like it could have been made today, not 15 years ago!

Bentley Buccaneer

Now some interior shots. Not standard Bentley at all. I do like the oversized B logo on the rear pillar.

Bentley Buccaneer

Take a look at the interior light detail, it evens looks a little art deco. It actually reflects the front fender coachline detail as well.

Retro and fresh at the same time.

Bentley Buccaneer

Thank you so much to Heuliez for uploading these photos.

Hopefully more will appear over time.

Thanks to Maurice for sending in the photos.

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