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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bentley Zagato Continental GTZ

Back in January 2009 there were rumors of a right hand drive Bentley GTZ by Zagato about to be commissioned.

And ladies and gentlemen, here it is!

Bentley Zagato GTZ

They are Mulliner wheels, so I'm not too sure if the car will get a set of the Zagato wheels, however it does indicate that the base car for this GTZ was not a Speed or Supersports model, but a standard GT. But you never know.

Bentley Zagato GTZ

What is also interesting is that with these wheels, the rear wheel arches look like they are a little too wide, or that the wheels are a little to narrow!

I don't really care though, because it is amazing to see a modern coachbuilt Bentley - even with a double bubble roof! Classic Zagato.

I am so happy that there are people around who are totally prepared to spend the money on beautiful cars like this.

Would you take 7 Continental GTs or 1 Continental GTZ?

Bentley Zagato GTZ

That's the difference in price!

Apparently there were plans to build 10 Bentley Zagatos. 8 more to spot if they get built!

(Thanks to Joshy for spotting it)

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