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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another AX201

After reading about AX201 the Silver Ghost being used as a wedding car a new Bentley Spotting reader and RREC member Gabriël sent in his car that was used for his wedding.

It is AX201, but this time on a 1977 Silver Shadow II (RHD) bought 10 years ago from Tony James, President of the RREC.

And take a look at this picture! Next to the slightly more famous AX201 at the RREC annual rally in 2008.

The Shadow does have the usual options, but the dashboard has an additional feature. Ordered from the Rolls Royce factory, there is a Queen Elizabeth II silver jubilee (1977) coin fitted in the dashboard.

Gabriël, I think people would want to have a look at the coin in the dashboard! Thank you for sending in the picture, and hopefully some more will follow!


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