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Monday, March 09, 2009

PKR 854 Bentley Mk6 Special

Bentley Specials are always a bit, well special.

Especially when they have a personal meaning. Like say, your Dad made it! Let's take a look.

Mark sent in some details of his Bentley Mk6 Special registration PKR 854 made by his father.

The Mk6 started life with a standard steel saloon body that was first registered in the UK on 11 Jan. l951

By 1970 it had reached the end of its life and was relegated to the scrap yard where it was purchased for 85 pounds. The bodywork was full of rust and the engine seized.

The old bodywork was removed and a two-seater body fitted. The suspension was lowered to compensate for the removal of 1 tonne of steel. The radiator was lowered and the steering column angle reduced to match the new body profile.

The chassis was chopped and filled retaining the same wheelbase but moving the engine back 12 inches to achieve a better weight distribution. The fuel tank was retained and rotated 90 degrees.

The engine, gearbox and running gear remains as original.

The rebuild took about 12 yrs and Mark's father undertook all work except the painting. During the next 25 years the car travelled extensively throughout Europe and made two trips to New Zealand.

After his fathers death the car was imported to Australia from the United Kingdom in August 2007.

The car is now undergoing a rolling restoration and some extended maintenance.

The car was registered in Queensland with the same UK number plate PKR 854.

It is special!

My tip would be to leave the UK plates on the car! I know it's naughty missing the 'QLD' on the plate, but when the Police pull you over they will probably check the Rego sticker and see the number is the same. Hopefully they will give you a wink and send you on your way. They would only want to have a look at the car anyway! It is actually what a lot of the W.O owners do.... cheeky!

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At 12:50 am, Blogger cwnewbourne said...

This car in original form appears in the movie "Ice Statin Zebra"

At 7:48 pm, Anonymous Mark Taxis said...

many thanks for the interesting information

At 1:22 am, Blogger Unknown said...

It was looking good and going fine in 1967/68 when the film was made. The next 2 to three years must have had a bad effect on the original body and engine.

At 11:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ice Station Zebra, what's an o between friends ?


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