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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tasmanian Ute Mate

Take a look at this Aussie invention.

Yep the ute, or Coupé utility vehicle was invented in Victoria, Australia. The story goes that a farmers wife wanted a car that was nice enough to go the church in, but a practical load carrier on the farm. And the combination car truck was born.

Ute's are quite culturally significant to Australians, and past times are based around this body shape, including their own racing series, beaut ute compititions and even ute musters.

There is even a Bentley S1 ute in the National Motor Museum of Australia. Check out the previous post here.

Ticked away in a shed in Tasmania is this Bentley Mk VI ute, stored below some cheeky pigeons.

I like that the interior is well protected by snail bate from an ice cream container. Good thinking mate.

I love it. It is actually quite similar to a South African Bentley Mk VI ute here.

Thanks Steve for sending in the photos.

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