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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bentley Brooklands No 5 of 550 for sale

The new Bentley Brooklands is certainly a beautiful car. Take a look at the sketch.

Yes, you would take one.

Bentley Brooklands

If you want one, and do not want to wait a couple of years; that is if you manage to get a build slot of the 550, how about you just go out and buy one now?

You can. Car number 5 of the 550 is now for sale with just delivery miles.

Bentley Brooklands

It is certainly a good number to collect. It has a ring to it. "This car was the 5th manufactured of 550 in total". It sounds good. High 5.

Bentley Brooklands

Well, if you have a spare quarter of the million pounds it is yours.

With today's exchange rate, that is about $500,000.00 yankie or kangaroo bucks.

Bentley Brooklands

It is in verdent deep metalic green, with burnt oak full leather and has dark bur walnut wood.

Bentley Brooklands

Contact Paul Wise at Paul Wise Cars with a brief case full of cash. No, make that two large sports bags full. That should cover it.

Pictures courtesy (Paul Wise Cars)

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