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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bentley Hooper Empress II

Considering there are just six of these cars in the world, it is with a slight grin that I commence my eighth article about the Bentley Hooper Empress II.

Firstly there was an introductory article about the Empress II posted here after a blue one was spotted in Monaco, then came the sale of a black one in France, followed by the original advertising material article, and then some high resolution studio photography of the car. Next car SCBZR03D2LCX32776 also a blue one was for sale on ebay America here, then can another spotting of a Empress in Monaco again, and finally I wrote an article for the Bentley Drivers Club Magazine about the car here.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

Now this, car SCBZR03D8MCX34842 the exact same red car from the original Hooper advertisement is now for sale at Berverly Hills Motor Cars surprisingly in San Diego.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

It still looks great! Minus the Hooper wire wheels though.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

It has preceded only 5075 miles. An average of under 300 miles per year.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

I like the number plate. It is a bit of a brutal bull.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

There are 34 photos of this car where some show fantastic Hooper details such as the drinks cabinet, the cosmetics store and the exquisite parquetry.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

The black Hooper previously for sale here has an Empress II badge. I think most people will realise it is not from the '50s. More photos will follow.

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