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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Bentley Final Drive

A Bentley Final Drive. The discussion is not about the differential or the drive shaft here, but a person's actual final drive. To the grave.

Yes the Bentley Hearse. There is such a thing.

This Bentley Turbo R hearse was coach built by Coway Limited, Coachbuilders of Westhoughton in Lancashire that have 40 years experience in coachbuilding.

The experience shows, as does the innate stability and rigidity of the car, as surely with a little body flex all the glass would break!

Most Coway cars tend to by Rolls Royce, but as this picture proves, not all. Funeral directors in a hurry tend not to be the standard.

There are others!

This Bentley Hearse is a four door Turbo R built by Mogi in Japan.

The different cultures and traditions show with the style were the coffin is not reviled.

If you want something more modern than a Bentley Turbo R, how about a Rolls Royce Seraph?

A slight pity that it is not a Bentley Arnage, but a little grill and wheel swap never hurt anyone. Except in you look at the VIN number.

Picture courtesy Bentley Spotting reader (Maurice)

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At 6:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today on the A27 near Chichester, West Sussex, UK, I saw a Bentley Hearse with two Bentley Limo's, Reg Numbers K3 CFD, K4 CFD & K5 CFD, all in a gun metal grey colour. They were brand new continentals. Anyone know who owns them?

At 3:20 am, Blogger A said...

I saw K3 CFD today in Portsmouth, between 3 and 4 pm. Grey 6-door sedan, looked both very expensive and very unnoticeable.

At 3:23 am, Blogger A said...

Today being 26 January 2018. Was coming into town, driving along Lake Road, took roundabout, then turned toward (Asda, i.e.) Southsea.


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