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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bentley B2 Convertible by Pininfarina

The Bentley B2 by Pininfarina was the first ever non public coachbuilt Bentley Special ordered by the Royal Family of Brunei.

The Bentley B2 was coachbuilt on the Continential R chassis what were made from 1994 till 1996. It is a re-bodied Bentley Azure.

The first to be commissioned was SCBZB04C5RCH52042 Bentley B2 and has registered in the United Kingdom with number plate M1 STY.

Three were made in 1994, ten is 1995 and four in 1996 bringing the total manufactured to 17 Bentley B2's.

Bentley B2 by Pininfarina

The Bentley B2 was constructed around the same time as the Bentley B3 which was also designed by Pininfarina. Chassis numbers were often sequential of the B2 and the B3, for example CH52434, CH52435 and CH52436 where Bentley B2's, followed by CH52437, CH52438, CH52439 and CH52440 where Bentley B3, then CH52442, CH52443 and CH52444 Bentley B2.

This indicates that the Royal Family of Brunei commissioned Pininfarina to design the Bentley B2 and the Bentley B3 at the same time, where the Bentley B2 was a re-bodied Azure convertible, and the B3 was a re-bodied Continential R.

The Bentley B3 was manufactured by Coggiola S.p.A and it is unknown if the Bentley B2 was manufactured by them as well, but it is unlikely. Pininfarina are known for the construction of convertibles, and it is probable that there were made in house at Pininfarina. Coggiola S.p.A released photos of the Bentley B3 being constructed, so if they were constructing the B2 at the same time, presumably they would released photos of that car as well.

Here is the Bentley B3 by Pininfarina at Coggiola S.p.A being rebodied from a Bentley Continential R.

Bentley B3 by Pininfarina

Read more about the Bentley B3 in a previous post here.

The design of the Bentley B2 and the Bentley B3 however are different. It is not just a matter of one a convertible and other hardtop. The grill varies between cars, as does the headlights and bumper bars.

Here is a comparison. Click image to enlarge.

Now lets compare to the Bentley Silverstone, another coachbuilt Bentley for the Royal family of Brunei. The front is of s similar design to the Bentley B2 and that of the Bentley B3. It is currently not known who designed the Bentley Silverstone. Bertone, Zagato, Pininfarina, Italdesign, Ghia, Marcello Gandini and Mulliner Park Ward are all possibilities, hopefully the car will pop up in a design portfolio somewhere!

Bentley Silverstone

Here is a complete list of all Bentley B2 cars that were manufactured. Only the first was registered in the UK, the rest in Brunei.

The 1994 cars
SCBZB04C5RCH52042 Bentley B2 M1 STY
SCBZB04C4RCH52131 Bentley B2 BN 9988
SCBZB04C2RCH52161 Bentley B2 BN 9955

The 1995 cars
SCBZB04CXSCH52351 Bentley B2 BN 20
SCBZB04C1SCH52383 Bentley B2 BP 1189
SCBZB04C2SCH52389 Bentley B2 BP 3000
SCBZB04C8SCH52431 Bentley B2 BP 3003
SCBZB04C3SCH52434 Bentley B2 KF 8829
SCBZB04C5SCH52435 Bentley B2
SCBZB04C7SCH52436 Bentley B2 KF 9978
SCBZB04C2SCH52442 Bentley B2 BN 222
SCBZB04C4SCH52443 Bentley B2 KF 9992
SCBZB04C6SCH52444 Bentley B2 BN 1100

The 1996 cars
SCBZB16C9TCH53169 Bentley B2 BQ 7135
SCBZB16C4TCH53175 Bentley B2 BQ 1771
SCBZB16C8TCH53180 Bentley B2 BS 9991
SCBZB16C5TCH53184 Bentley B2 BQ 7015

Now for the most clear picture currently available of the Bentley B2.

Bentley B2 by Pininfarina

If more pictures or information about this very special car are discovered, they will be posted.

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At 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lovely site :)
Came across this while search for Bentley chassis numbers, mailny for the 3½ litre and 4 1/4litre series. do you have any good idea where to find a rather complete list for those?
Kepp up the good work on the Bentleys!

At 6:27 pm, Blogger bentleyspotting said...

Gday Mårten and thanks for your comment.
Please email me at and I will sent you information of 3½ litre and 4 1/4 litre Bentley Chassis numbers. Thanks, Jordan

At 8:25 am, Blogger Unknown said...

It is not correct. The car in the picture is not a B2 but a 104. B2 was a coupe as well as the B3


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