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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coming soon, Bentley with body by Zagato

I have been predicting for quite a while that coachbuilding is the new trend in modern automobile manufacturing.

People want to individualise there cars that they continually spend more time in. Why have something standard that resembles a domestic washing machine?

That is why it is no surprise that Italian coach builder Zagato is rumoured to be building a body for a modern Bentley.

Here is what they did to a modern Aston Martins DB 7. A total of 100 were made. Highly desirable.

Italiaspeed has reported on it here, and I will endeavour to obtain pictures as soon as they surface.

I still think that this coach build Bentley Buccaneer built for the Sultan of Brunei is designed by Zagato.

bentley buccaneer brunei zagato

It is not known which car they are building a body for. Bets are on for the Continential GT, but they would be able to charge a lot more money if it was based on an Arnage. A Zagato Azure would certainly be nice.

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