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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Not sure what Bentoretabo means? Well say it with a Japanese accent.

Bent-or-e--ta-bo. ベントレーターボ Hopefully I have copied the correct characters. It is Bentley Turbo if you are lost in translation.

The largest auction site in Japan is auctions, and there are always a few interesting Rolls Royce and Bentley cars up for grabs.

bentley turbo r body kit

Something that does not make sense is that many cars left hand drive, in the right hand drive market. It was, and could be still in fashion to have all import cars left hand drive - simply to prove that they are imports.

It is a bit pointless for English cars, as they are originally right hand drive for the home market. But a lot of fashion is pointless.

bentley turbo r body kit

Now take a look at these cars. That is most likely a Jankel limousine at the rear. Now look at the bumper bars. That's right, they are after market and look really impressive.

It is a case of off with the old, and in with the new style. They are full plastic moulds with rear skirts as well. Very impressive. That I have not seen before is the very discrete rear spoiler on the boot. It is just a little lip spoiler, but it does make these cars a lot sportier.

bentley turbo r body kit

I am a fan.

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