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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

British Car Day Bronte 2016

After a week of yes and no weekend rain weather reports, the weekend finally came. Rain pretty well all day Saturday but then it all cleared up and dried off for Sunday's annual British Car Day in Ontario,Canada's Bronte Creek Provincial Park.
After a last minute early morning decision I headed out there to be the third Crewe car arrival.

This year's count was almost a thousand British cars of ALL shapes and sizes with a great turn out of RR and B cars - some we had not seen before.

A number of 'SZ' series cars:

The 'SY' cars here:

And the famous one...

Some Corniche DHCs.

'Clouds, Wraith, MkVIs and R-Types......

One Goodwood car.

Oh, and the '80s 'competition'...

And the silly stuff..
We have to show the 'silly stuff'. I love to see cars like these.

And some not silly at all.

What a great way to end the summer car season.
Here's to next year. The third Sunday in September as always.
Be there....

By the way, I got third place in the Bentleys. Don't what beat me - don't care.

(Posted by David Irvine)


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