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Friday, February 26, 2016

'Once Removed....'

I'm a little upset I missed seeing this one.

I had a cold two weekends ago, so did not get to the Toronto Autoshow until the eighth day.

Now I find out that there was a lovely two tone Rolls-Royce Dawn there at the start of the show that I missed. Orange and grey? Regency Bronze and Shell...? 

Certainly stand out colours.

My guess is that it was sold and pulled from the show.

Sneakily replaced by a black Wraith in the middle of the night.

Nice car, but not the crazy loud, 'in yer face' colourful Dawn...

Here today, gone tomorrow.

The Dawn are shots I have since found on the internet - they're not mine. Credits to their original photographers (Jo, Nirakar....?)

I guess if I saw a car I wanted at the Autoshow and paid $500gs for it I would tell them to pull it out.

I do hope I see that Dawn on the Toronto streets this summer, it is a stunner.

(Posted by David Irvine)


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