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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Silver Jubilee

September 2015 saw Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II become the UK's longest reigning monarch, exceeding the reign of Queen Victoria, her great-great grandmother.

To mark the occasion, The Queen and Prince Philip traveled through Scotland from Edinburgh to Tweedbank by steam train, while in London, a flotila of historic leisure cruisers and passenger boats took part in a procession along the River Thames.

So why is this of interest to Bentley Spotting readers? Well, in addition to The Queen's official Bentley limousine, there is a tenuous link to May 1977, when to commemerate the 25th anniversary of The Queen's accession to the throne, a procession of vintage cars was arranged at Windsor Castle.

Promiment among the parade were a variety of vintage Rolls-Royce motor cars. Here are some photos:   
The spectator's attire is so "1970s" - flared cords seem to have been de rigueur - but what a fantastic collection of cars, and what a seemingly great day out! 


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