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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

China Crisis

Given recent headlines proclaiming a meltdown of the Shanghai Composite Index, it seems unlikely that many people would associate "China Crisis" with the moderately successful UK new wave band from the late 70s and early eighties.


But Team Bentley Spotting strives to keep everyone happy, so here is a China Crisis album cover for those (you know who you are!) few:


For everyone else, here is a recent FT article, reporting that the first half of 2015 has seen Bentley's global sales drop by 12% and Rolls-Royce's global sales fall by 10%...

And that these declines are largely attributable to the weaker Chinese economy (as well as a crackdown on extravagant spending by party officials):


But what is interesting is the same article reports that Porsche Cayenne sales continued to grow during the first half…


The Chinese really do like their large 4WDs.


So it would seem the new Bentley & Rolls-Royce SUV models can't come soon enough.


And we should be seeing the Bentley SUV very, very soon…


Thanks to FT and Auto Express


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