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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Take the Blue Train...

 Ahhh, the famous 'Blue Train' race from Calais to the French Riviera in which 'Bentley Boy' Woolf Barnato beat the train in his Bentley Speed 6. 
Barnato actually used a formal bodied Speed 6 for the journey but when he took delivery of a fastback model the same year, that car was named the 'Blue Train' car.
But the fastback makes the story more glamorous....

In 2006 there was a special edition of thirty six Bentley Arnages to commemorate that trip. Thirty LHD & six RHD.

Nineteen inch alloys, chrome grille shell, chrome mirror caps, sunroof, picnic tables, special name a few features.

A wet one is at the Orlando meet.

Interesting, indeed.

Oh, my...
The PERFECT number plate.....

"Only those in the know will understand..." (David Irvine's famous comment his own 1800TU number plate)
Impress the owner. Tell him you understand his plate.

(Posted by that same David Irvine - the last three photos by Rodd Sala)


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