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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Going Sideways

It's now become de rigueur for motoring journalists around the world (blame Jeremy Clarkson) to drift even the cheapest, most mundane family hatchback around a test-track as its deemed essential to establish its "on the limit" handling characteristics:


Well that's the standard justification. One that conveniently overlooks that ninety-nine percent of car buyers will never come close to exploring the "on the limit" handling of their vehicles. More likely is that handling tests (involving lots of smoking tyres) make for exciting TV and photos…


But drifting is much more than a few journalists showing off their driving skills. It's also an incredibly popular motorsport: one where competitors deliberately induce over-steer and loss of traction at the rear wheels but maintain control and steer through a corner (or set of corners) while being judged according to speed, angle, showmanship and line:


The sport is believed to have originated in Japan, and heavily modified Nissan, Honda and Toyota sports coupes are frequently the preferred choice of car for competitions around the globe. Few competitors would choose a Bentley, especially a Bentley T2, as a drift car...

But in Japan, Browns Lane, a Rolls-Royce, Bentley & Jaguar specialist in Saitama, has done just that! Here are some photos of what is (almost certainly) the world's only Bentley T2 drift car:

The stripped out interior:

And in action:



So now you know: Bentleys can drift as well as waft…


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