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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Update on the Bentley Parts Dinner Party

The dinner party has commenced!

Here is a sneak peek at first course. Fresh brake rotors on the Bentley Turbo R.

Warning - the desert menu has changed. Red brake caliper paint could be served hot.

Why red calipers? Well I'm told that it gives the car an extra 25kw of power. There is even a T-shirt to prove it.

Thanks to Mighty Car Mods for the intel.

And what dinner party? Well this one.

So, what to serve at a Bentley Parts Dinner Party? Well parts of course. For all courses.

Surrounded with colour matched chairs by Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid and Verner Panton, lit by a photographic soft box, on a cow hide rug, underneath a Guggenheim mobile, over looked by art by yours truly on a dining room table that doubles as a ping pong table is what's on tonight's menu.

Bentley parts buffet style. Waited on by a Lego head on a Philippe Starck stool.

This meal consists of front rotors, wheel bearings and seals, front brake pads and a caliper kit, followed by rear pads and damper return hose with air and oil filters, finished with 10 litres of Mobil 1 oil and a splash Castrol minerial oil. Desert is optional with a rare blue leather, interior matched air bag steeling wheel. Unfortunately we have yet to locate a reasonably priced airbag, so it will probably be 86'd.

And who catered for this feast of Bentley parts?

Well it was Richard Tracey from SpurParts Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia. That's a cool name.

SpurParts only recently started up and offers all spares for RR&B cars of all ages at UK prices delivered straight from inner Sydney. I like that.

I did not have to wait for delivery from the UK, nor did I have to pay UK shipping prices for those oh so light brake rotors and pads etc.

Best of all Richard provided great advice, and even personally hand delivered the parts in his Bentley Continental R. That's cool.

Richard not only now supplies parts at great prices, but is also the man behind The Rolls-Royce and Bentley Technical Library. That is where no doubt you, or your mechanic at some time has looked up how to do something from all the electronic PDF's of all the RR&B technical manuals. Pressing Crtl F to find what you are looking for in the manual as a PDF is much easier than flicking through the 100's of pages in the printed version.

Thanks Richard - most appreciated.


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