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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bentley Spotting in Kuala Lumpur

Today I'm holidaying in Kuala Lumpur.

Out shopping of course, and probably the most high end shopping centre is called The Pavilion.  It's in Bukit Bintang, and a must for a KL trip.

It's also a nice place to do a bit of Bentley Spotting.

Here is a Conti FS parked just down the road from the entrance.

I'm pretty sure the yellow badge next to the number plate indicates it's a Dato's car, a person who had been knighted by the Sultan.

Lots of road works and construction is going on in KL as they are building a new train line above ground.

Now waiting for the traffic lights a Conti FS Speed went past.

I do like the Speed version.

The trim around the lights make it better.

Then inside the shopping centre I walked past this.

Yep it's the Breitling store.

They had two displays.

And the other.

Then I ended up at the main car valet drop off point.

Another Conti FS Speed was parked.

They are my favorite wheels in the Conti range. Actually maybe the ISR wheels. Can't decide.

But the real reason why I went to the Pavilion? 

Because of this shop and the end of the valet drop off point.

Yep, it's Bentley Kuala Lumpur.

It does look nice.

They simply had one car on display.

It's a W12 Speed.

The next room was the reception.

It was a nice day out shopping. 

If I had a Bentley Turbo R station wagon or estate car like the Sultan of Johor that would have been better.

Oh and another thing. Shoes. Maserati had its own shop at centre selling shoes. At the Puma store you could buy Ferrari shoes, BMW shoes, Mini shoes and Mercedes-Benz AMG shoes. 

Now that Bentley is back into racing, I'd like a pair of Bentley shoes please.

Can any one help me?


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