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Sunday, August 04, 2013

大氣典雅 Bentley Continental GT V8

I like the straight to the point YouTube Channel for this Review.

BUYCARTV. That's right Buy Car TV. TV for if you want to Buy Car. Done. And for the Chinese readers:

Bentley Continental GT 這幾年來在豪華跑車市場極為暢銷,它在2007年幫助Bentley這個品牌達成創廠­以來首度全球年銷售突破萬輛的耀眼成績,Continental GT可算是Bentley 車廠史上最成功的車款。繼Continental GT W12之後,這次所引進售價只要1098萬的Continental GT V8 可說是全Bentley 車系裡面最入門的車款!

Google translation: Bentley Continental GT the past few years in the luxury sports car market is extremely popular It helped Bentley in 2007 reached a record of the brand since the first factory in the world with annual sales exceeded ten thousand dazzling achievements, Continental GT Bentley depot can be regarded as the most successful cars. Following the Continental GT W12 after the introduction of the price as long as the Continental GT V8 10,980,000 can be said that all Bentley cars which most entry vehicles

Bentley Continental GT V8是比較針對年輕族群的設定,讓Bentley產品入手門檻更低,永三汽車表示希望­透過較為活潑改變以及接近千萬出頭的售價,來吸引到35~45歲的頂級消費客群的吸引­力。不過這並不代表V8車型就失去了原本Bentley該有的奢華品味,這款車還是保­有頂級GT跑車該有的特色而且添加更多年輕化的動感元素。

Google translation: Bentley Continental GT V8 is more for the younger set, so start with lower threshold Bentley products, Wing three car more lively and expressed the hope that through the early changes and nearly 10 million price to attract 35 to 45-year-old's top consumer segments appeal. But this does not mean to lose the original V8 models Bentley luxury taste of the others, this car still retains some characteristics of the top GT coupe and add more dynamic elements younger.


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