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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EBay 1971?

I found my old Frank Dale and Stepsons' catalogue today.
I do believe I had sent off the 'stamped self addressed envelope' for it back then.
I'd forgotten it was so old...
"If 1971 was mirrored in grocery retail, we would today be paying £47 for a chicken and £20 for a jar of coffee."
Things were actually expensive to the average Briton back then compared to what they earned.

Mars bar: 1971: 2p 

Pint of milk: 1971: 6p 

Loaf of bread: 1971: 9½p 

Pint of bitter: 1971: 11p 

Bunch of bananas: 1971: 18p 

Packet of cigarettes: 1971: 27p 

Gallon of petrol: 1971: 33p 

Ticket to Wembley Cup Final: 1971: £2 


A new Silver Shadow was around eleven thousand pounds. A lot of money in 1971.

 So here it is:
The enclosed letter:
(Irvine note : Look at the bloody prices back then.....)
(Irvine note: The song "Oooh La La" , by Rodd Stewart, lyrics come to mind.
"I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger...." )
(Irvine note : This part is amusing ... ) :
Nine hundred and fifty Quid for a MKIV...
Six hundred and seventy five for an R Type...
(Irvine note : OMG....! Two thousand six hundred and fifty Quid for this!)  :
I wish I'd had spare cash in 1971, but I was only eleven.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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