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Monday, September 03, 2012

Follow The Bentley Turbo R 2 Door by Hooper & Co

I've been using this cool data logging iPhone app for my Bentley driving.

It's call Harry's Lap Timer, and is essentially designed for track days.

It records all types of sensor data provided by your iPhone/iPod/iPad (or external sensors), and combines the data so you can use it in many ways.

You can also overlay the data over video to analyse your driving. Check out the output below of driver, car, date, lap, G-force, time, speed and location.

I don't used it to analyse my laps around the race track, I just use the data logging for fun, and to track my drives.

Like when I was out with the Bentley Drivers Club and I got to follow an extremely rare Bentley Turbo R 2 Door by Hooper & Co.

Check out my video. Sped up 600% so it does not get boring. (Now not blocked in some countries - HD as well use the cog icon to change to HD next to the clock icon)

Did you notice this? It's actually Garrath packing up BDC direction signs - and in a Rolls-Royce!

Or maybe this? An earlier arrival to the hotel.

I certainly had fun following a Bentley Turbo R 2 Door by Hooper & Co for 18 minutes.

What I would love to get into is recording the Bentleys sensor data, like the revs, temperatures, pressures, volts, warning lights and anything else that is monitored through the ECU.

My Bentley uses the RR&B MasterCheck ECU system. The standard system is the OBDII or On Board Diagnostics 2 system. There are plently of Bluetooth OBDII wireless interfaces that will talk to the iPhone.

This will mean I could record all the cars data, then add more dials to the video of what was shown on the actual Bentley dials. That would be so cool.

You can even be nerdy and make the dials on the video looks exactly like the Bentley dials.

It is what Bentley Motors did at the Festival of Speed with the Bentley GT Speed.

The issue is having the MasterCheck ECU convert to the OBDII system. I'm happy that guys are trying to do this. Check out the discussion about it on the RROCA board here.

One day I'll get into it.

Harry's Lap Timer from the Apple Store here.

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