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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bentley Continental GTC by ASI

One of the top car spotters in the world alexsmolik writes:

When I was in Monaco, I stumbled upon this very peculiar Bentley Continental GTC, tuned by ASI (a japanese tuning company).

New front bumper spoiler with a carbon fiber lip and LED daytime lights, a rear bumper with a carbon fiber lip and exhaust cutter and finally a discreet boot spoiler.
But the most interesting thing about this particular car are its colors!

Indeed, it has Monaco plates, was filmed in Monaco, and has the Monaco theme going on.
Bicolor paint remembering the colors of the principality, even on the seats you see the emblem.
Now that's a very effective way to show your love for your country! :)

And here is some driving footage.

Not really an incognito car.


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