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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Bentley EXP 9 F

So after how many years, Bentley finally reveals it's new Range Rover. Sorry SUV concept.

Still being experimental, its called the EXP 9 F.

Here are the dot points from Bentley Motors

"EXP 9 F all-wheel drive luxury Sport Utility Vehicle concept revealed at Geneva Motor Show"

"Potential for third Bentley model-line alongside Mulsanne and Continental ranges"

"Bold reinterpretation of Bentley design cues in a spacious, versatile and high performance SUV"

"A fusion of contemporary, crafted luxury, advanced in-car technology, commanding driving position and all-terrain capability"

"6.0 litre, twin turbocharged W12 engine and 8 speed transmission"

Here is a render potentially in it's natural environment, going to the shops.

And a home sweet home render for the Arab folk.

Or will it be in the Paris to Dakar to prove itself?

The side profile is oh, so Range Rover Sport. But it was always going to be.

The rear quarter panel bulge is a bit more Bentley.

The Brunei Royal family was so all over it 15-20 years ago with their coachbuilt Bentley Dominator.

Sellin product makin money, becoming common.

Wow, imaging if Bentley Motors started having end of year model run outs.


At 11:27 am, Blogger MMD said...

W.O. would say Hell No! I'm not opposed to the SUV format but why must it be so vulgar ... and aggressively unattractive?


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