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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Londonspotting 2012

Bentleys in Mayfair. They are still everywhere as Rodd Sala has proven:
Let's start with a nice mid seventies T saloon (sporting a Belfast registration number). Back in the seventies the bomb squad would have been called in and the area cleared. In would come the remote control robot for the 'controlled explosion..'
It's different now.
Then a Turbo R (or is it an SZ Brooklands...?)  :
Then onto a few Arnages:
A heavy duty Brooklands:
Nice registration number...Mulliner Park Ward. MPW.
Then some modern Continental Flying Spurs, GTCs and GTs:
Must be 'Our Jack's' demonstrator.
And of course the new Mulsanne:
There's that guy in the suit again. He's being followed.
Sorry, but I had to add this Aston Martin Cygnet:
London's the place to be if you want to see these cars in their natural surroundings. No poseurs, no paparazzi, no fluff, no movie stars...
Just cars parked on the street - dirty and clean, just like it has been for years.
Here's one of mine from thirty years ago to remind you:
(posted by David Irvine- all shots by Rodd Sala)
Good job Rodd.
Rolls-Royces tomorrow...


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