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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bentley Continental GTZ by Zagato Spotted

Talk about a rare Bentley to spot!

That's right is it modern coachbuilding at its finist.

A Bentley Continental GTZ by Zagato.

A spotter at Autogespot called Dufornee & MageTwan managed to stubble upon this very special car.

Take a look closely. It is a right hand drive version. The only one right hand drive version made.

UK registered 123MG with Mulliner wheels.

It is just so amazing to spot this car on the street. It was spotted out the back of Jack Barclay's I think here.

So do you really want one? Check ebay or course! One is for sale for US $1,450,000.00 in San Fran here.

But for that money, probably call up Zagato directly and get one tailored to your likings.

Here is the entrance to the Zagato factory.

View Larger Map

Call Zagato on +39 02 9346621 or email at You know you want to.

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