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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Canadian Automotive Museum

There is a place in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada that every car enthusiast should visit.

It's the Canadian Automotive Museum.

A very informative collection highlighting the Canadian auto industry - and there were actually a surprising number of Canadian car manufactures at the turn of the century.

But they also have a number of Rolls-Royces and a Bentley.

A 1926 three litre Van den Plas Bentley, Lady Eaton's (the Canadian equivalent of royalty) 'Ladybird' 1912 Silver Ghost Barker bodied formal limousine, a 1914 Silver Ghost 'balloon car' (maybe...?), a 1935 20/25 Tourer by Park Ward, a 1935 Phantom III Sedanca de Ville by Barker, a 1939 Wraith by Windovers, what I think is a Phantom V by James Young (no sign for it - hidden in a corner behind some boxes..) and a late eighties Silver Spur.

Other cars of note: a 1975 Panther J72, an Austin Princess Van den Plas limousine (my Grandfather had the use of one when he was a mayor many years ago), a Mulliner bodied 1928 Hispano Suiza, and a 1926 Isotta Fraschini Dual Cowl Phaeton bodied by Cesare SALA... - Rodd, any relation?

And of course numerous significant Canadian and American Automobiles.

Here is a video.

Just go see the place for yourself. It's not Beaulieu nor is it the Imperial Palace but well worth seeing -you'll enjoy it.

Maybe I should lend them my old Shadow...

The best five dollar admission fee I ever spent. I did donate a bit more to the museum as I left.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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