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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Around the World in Eighty Days v's Gumball....

May 1st , the year 2000 a group of classic cars set off to drive around the world.
Some of them Bentleys. A fairly glamorous affair , but without the superstar status of this year's Gumball Rally.
My father saw the 'Around the World' group near London , Ontario, Canada in 2000. The photo with the Mercedes #90 is added as the driver is actually the painter Pablo Picasso's son- I had to show that one...
I went to the 'Gumball' event when it hit Toronto this past May.
A totally different scene. The Yorkville strip in Toronto was just buzzing that night with lots of very high end cars from Europe, and especially England . Right hand drive Bentleys , Rolls-Royces , Aston Martins and MacLaren SLRs covered in corporate logos - oh , and a Veyron too. What a party!

The Gumball and the Around the World event were two very different drives, as our photos suggest. But great for Bentley Spotting.



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