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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Alive & Kicking.

This may seem wrong....

"It came down to the wire but Ben Crombie has joined the ranks of Orange car enthusiasts to display his prized vehicle at the Summernats in Canberra.

Mr Crombie left in the early hours on Thursday with his family ahead of the 11am scrutineering so he could show his prized 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Mr Crombie has owned the car for 10 years and started an overhaul six months ago that included a new motor, new brake system, installing seatbelts, which did not come originally, and hiding the wiring.

He was still working on the car throughout the night on Christmas Eve after weeks working on it past midnight each day in the weeks leading up to the Summernats.

"I did it all myself," Mr Crombie said.

The upgraded model has a more powerful Chevrolet motor and Ford brakes and Mr Crombie only had his first drive two days before the Summernats started so he decided to pull out of the burnout competition to prevent damaging the motor.

"It's right to drive but not to lean on that hard for burnouts," Mr Crombie said.

However, he has been selected as one of about 60 cars from the 1700 entrants to go in the street cruise this morning.

This is the third time he has taken the Rolls Royce to the event and will be his second showing after it blew a diff at the entry to the grounds in his first attempt three years ago.

Previous cars he has fixed up were not finished in time to take to the event.

A life-long car enthusiast, Mr Crombie has travelled to Canberra each year to take in the atmosphere of burnt rubber and roaring engines but this is the first time the annual event has become a family affair with his wife and two children also going along for the ride.

"Usually I just go for the party," he said."

The car is still alive...

Not on a scrap heap.

I'm okay with this.

(Posted by David Irvine)


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