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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wood, wood and more wood...

Team Bentley Spotting has posted about the Hooper Bentley Empress II several times in the past.

We're a fan of this very rare and luxurious but also slightly eccentric car. 

Here is a post featuring three Hooper Empress II in the Hooper & Co courtyard:

And another post featuring the original Hooper & Co black & white press photos:

We have now found a colour copy of the original press photo for the interior.

Here it is...

There is the special Hooper sports steering wheel.

And wood, wood and more wood...

With deeply patterened matched veneers.

And leather, leather and more leather.

There is also a very 1980s graphics equalizer, and a very early onboard computer, fitted to a stalk emerging from the passenger side of the center console.

Rumours suggest this never worked properly. Or possibly never worked at all....

But we would put up with the 80s computer technology for the rest of a very, very impressive interior.



At 5:46 am, Blogger Unknown said...

The "very early onboard computer" was going to be a rearwards facing camera. I think it was taken from an F14 Tomcat but I could be wrong on that one. :-)


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