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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Like it? Loathe it? It's certainly different...

Back in 2012, Team Bentley Spotting posted a photo of a Robert Jankel Rolls-Royce Antibes limousine with Monaco conversion.
Well, this unusual and very rare car has once again been spotted on the streets of Tokyo...
And Team Bentley spotting has the photos for you!
First from the front....
In this photo, the Monaco conversion with Silver Shadow headlights and rounded wings is clearly visible:
Interestingly, this car is also fitted with Silver Shadow indicator lamps, rather than recessed into the bumper as described in the specification sheet shown in the earlier post.
Now from the side...
In this shot you can see the Antibes conversion with extended C-pillar, raised roof and, if you look closely, the full partition (division):
From the rear...
This car also has the Monaco conversion to the rear, with Silver Shadow indicator lights fitted:
And a parting shot...
This photo again clearly shows the C-pillar stretch and raised roof:
Like it, loathe it? It's certainly different!


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