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Friday, February 06, 2015

Bentley at Bathurst - Practice Session 1

We wake for a good day for a drive.

The Bathurst Bentley Boys are ready to roll.

Practice session Number 1.

Good morning from Bentley at Bathurst.

A quick debrief.

And a sneak peck at the a Bentley Boy office today.

And they are off.

Oh no!

No concerns - phew!

That's racing.

But how good id it to see a Bentley on an Aussie track.

Here are the half way timings.

And the reason for the smoke - exhaust getting hot for the first time.

Here is the 3/4 timings for Practice number 1.

Red flag. An Aston had a woopsie.

And another woopsie.

And the session has ended.

We that was fun.

So good to see Bentley at Bathurst.


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