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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Bentley at Bathurst Camp Set Up

Here is Camp Team Bentley at Bathurst.

The 2003 Le Mans Team Bentley flag flying along with the Aussie flag.

I'm heading there after I sober up and get some sleep.

About 10 hours and I will park my Bentley Turbo R next camp space over from my mates this Bentley T.

Can't wait.

Here is his report.

Atmosphere is electric.

Generators buzzing, campfires burning some for food roasting in ovens others solely social.

The smell of roast lamb and potato is on every breeze.

Sound systems comfortably merging sound. Wide screen TVs for car racing competitions, $5 entry winner takes the pot.

Satellite receivers on caravans for those who I suspect may want to be somewhere else.

Only one comment that could be taken negatively if desired- "This isn't the Melbourne Cup!". Mostly thumbs up and royal waving to the Bentley T.

All teams are concentrating.

No smiling.

Parts everywhere.

Bain-maries with food ready and massage tables in the trailor.

Two very special cars being prepared for an incredible debut.

Brake pads to envy and body lines styled are better than any car on the track.

Overheard a spectator forcing his opinion on a Team Bentley crew member that the GT3 is the best sounding car at the meet and that Mercedes should be ashamed.

Thanks so much for the report and the initial set up of Camp Team Bentley.

Can't wait till get there in the morning.


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