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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Bentley at Bathurst 12 Hour

The Bentley Boys have started to set up for the Bathurst 12 Hour.

The walls are going up.

And the front garage sign in on.

Garage prep is underway at the circuit, I'm starting to get excited now!

A photo posted by @mattbellracing on

But check this out!

Bentley has advertising on the race track!

And I'm pretty sure that is the dipper.

Bentley Boy selfie alert!

Wow I may have to take one with the Bentley signs in the back.

Pick up my borrowed camping gear tomorrow. All the hotels were booked out - camping is the only option!

If it gets bad, I'll just pretend I have the Harold Radford Countryman Adaptations done to the Turbo R and sleep in the back seat of my Bentley. At least I'll have picnic tables and a place to charge my phone.


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