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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grand Trunk Road

Writer Steve Casimiro says, "Rupert Grey is making a run at The World's Most Interesting Man."

The World adventurer and photographer Grey's epic journey through India with his wife Jan in a 1936 Barker bodied 25/30 Rolls-Royce limousine will soon be available for all to see.

"India is another country. They do things differently there..."

Plying the Bramaputra river on a narrow boat:

Crossing through rivers:

With the wind in their faces:

Passing the battlements of Mahanasar Castle at dawn.

Then a long three week delay at Dhaka:

And causing a stir wherever they go....

Filmmaker Oliver McGarvey recorded the adventure and is piecing together his movie 'Grand Trunk Road'.

All they need is a little help with donations to complete the production, so McGarvey is requesting that we 'get involved' by going to his site :

"For each contribution you give there are unique and amazing prizes:
  • $5000  =  "THE LEGEND"  = 1 x Everything below & the grand tour experience: have lunch with Rupert & Jan Grey in Sussex and take a spin in the Rolls Royce! Hear stories and be inspired first hand!!! (expenses not included & limited to 2).
  • $2500  =  "THE HERO" = 1 x Everything below including a VIP invitation to a premiere screening (expenses not included).
  • $1000 =  "THE EXPLORER"  = 1 x Thank you in credits of the film, 1 x everything below + you saved my life! 
  • $750  =  "THE BACK SEAT DRIVER"  = 1 x Original large format hand printed B&W photo taken by Rupert on Journey, everything below, 1 x Bonus Behind the Scenes video!
  • $500  =  "THE JOURNEYMAN"  = 1 x Original standard size hand printed B&W photo taken by Rupert on the journey, 1 x digital copy film, 1 x hard copy of film in hand made case.
  • $250  =  "THE MECHANIC"  = 1 x Blown up photo taken by director on journey, 1 x digital copy of the film, An official thank you on the website.
  • $100  =  "THE SPINNER"  = 1x Digital copy of film, & my eternal thanks!
  • OTHER  =  "THE TRAVELLER"  = Thank you on the website, & my eternal thanks! "

How could you not resist? This will be an amazing production.

(Posted by David Irvine)


At 7:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, what a trip, even the photos bring back the memories of the sights, sounds and smell of India


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