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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner in Miami

The Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner is the pinnacle SZ car made by Bentley.

It's the swan song. I'm a very big fan.

Only 56 cars were made in total and they have unique front and rear bumper bars and flared wheel arches.

They also have some pretty cool options that you could spec.

- Option: A second speedometer fitted in the rear compartment.
- Option: A wood or aluminium engine-turned facia and console.
- Option: Chrome sports wheels and door mirrors.
- Option: Matrix radiator grille (1998 Model Year).
- Option: Bonnet and wing vents.
- Option: A race number spot on the front doors.

Just how cool is a rear speedo. A race number spots on the doors.

So one was recently for sale in Miami.

As each car was unique, it's always interesting to see what was spec'd out with the car.

This one has the standard wire grille, not the matrix which is unusual.

It has wing vents, but not bonnet vents.

Chrome wheels where a yes.

As was a standard size rear window.

The exhaust is meaty. Maybe my Turbo R would look good with that.

And what about the interior!

It's great to see the aluminium engine-turned facia and console.

I think it looks amazing.

Much like a W.O Bentley.

That red start button is something else.

I'm a big fan.

And how is it like in the back seat?

Yes, it has the best option ever - the rear speedo!

I think I am going to have to retro fit on of these in my Turbo R.

They are great.

Not so much for middle passenger leg room, but a little straddle near hurt anyone in a short dress.

It is SCBZP25C4WCX66714 for the chassis cumber spotters.

That's a 420 BHP engine.

It was for sale at The Stables in Miami, but it's been sold.

Yes, I am a big fan.


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