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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bentley Specials for the Royal Family of Brunei

It is exciting when more information about the Bentley Specials made for the Royal Family of Brunei comes up.

I'm sitting on a lot of info as well, that I'll get around to publishing in the future.

It is well know that the a Bentley Continental R 4-Door variant was made for Brunei.

It was Project Number 140 (P140) in the Mulliner styling department.

But here is something new to me.

It's a design sketch for a Bentley Continental 4 door limousine with high roof.

Check it out.

I think the high roof works really well with the proportion of the car and the extra length.

I'm not sure if any where made, but I hope that at least one was!

Does anyone know further info about this Bentley?


At 2:19 am, Blogger Unknown said...

This drawing is probably not a real drawing Crewe or Pininfarina, who was a partner of two brands for exclusive models of two brands. The book "Inside the Rolls-Royce Bentley styling § Department" Graham Hull provides information with No. S official project. Photos are rare, and I tried to cross the information in this book with the pictures known for some years. I noticed that the names given to cars whose photos are available on the Internet does not comply with this book information. I wrote a book in French END OF A TRADITION toutes les ROLL-ROYCE § BENTLEY de 1966 à 2009, in which, for editions 3 and 4, I reported the results of my studies comparing the book by Graham Hull and Internet information. My book in alvaiable on eBay.


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