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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fixed Head Coupé

Yes, they are known as FHC....
FHC, also seen in every building foyer.

Sorry, not the Fire Hose Cabinets...
What a name.
But Holy FHC! We love them!
Silver Cloud III MPW FHCs....


New Phantom FHCs:

 And now this nice one.
A Canadian car.
Rodd Sala has it.
Unmolested, all original (including Factory blow ins (common) ). Never redyed leather....
I have known this car for years....

FHC'n lovely....
Not restored, so a few cracks in the wood, original...!
A stunning example....
Watch the video.
I love this car.
FHC'n 'ell...!
(Posted  by David Irvine)


At 11:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Sir!

Thanks for the site, been a faithful reader for years!

At 1:10 am, Blogger silvawraith2 said...

This is a lovely car indeed, but it is certainly not 100% original as stated.

First off, no 1974 cars were specified with an air dam. This did not appear until 1977.
Secondly, although the Radiomobile Stereo 8 tape player is period correct, the cassette/radio installation is a later, non-original addition.
Thirdly, although the early Corniche style wooden steering wheel is nice, I'd have to see the car's build sheets directly from the archives at Hunt House, as it clearly states in post-1972 factory Corniche brochures that that steering wheel was "discontinued and no longer available".
The Lucas Square 8 foglamps, although certainly available at the time, are a later addition. On cars ordered with foglamps, the lighting switch in the switchbox was marked accordingly. This car has no such markings, and in any event, the foglamps would have been mounted below the bumper on rubber-bumper cars.
North American cars, such as this, would have had the large "paddle" type of gear range selector knob. Others would have had the slender "wand" style, with its sharp extremity circumference. This is neither.

Lastly, what has become of the driver's seat folding armrest? It is completely missing!


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