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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Homeward Bound

Well as I said, it was a blast!
The RROC National Meet 2014 in Pennsylvania.
Three ribbons. 
First place Silver Shadow/T Touring; a meet ribbon;  and the final surprise - the Cal West Award for the longest driven by a car entered in the Judging
At Louisville two tears ago I did drive the longest distance but hadn't entered the car....
So, finally I got it!

Time to pack up and go....

A heavy rainfall the previous evening left heavy damp air for the morning. Many cars were gone by the time I ventured out.

More on this 'woody' Silver Shadow later.

It did look like it was going to dry up.

Off we go. Food, gas, money, GPS, map (?) and courage....

Dry roads ahead.

But once we got going, that changed.

"Aiye , yie , yieee.......!"

"My o my...."

Three hours on it began to clear.

A reasonably quick border crossing....

And the last leg.

Finally almost home.

We made it.
Seven and a half hours. One and a half tanks of gas/petrol, two sandwiches, one coffee, one chocolate bar, two bottles of water and a dirty car.

We head off to the car wash first thing this morning as the forecast says rain in the afternoon.

"Do you think it's gonna rain?"


Sure enough,  it rains just as I leave.
Bloody Toronto weather forecast - always wrong!

We did actually make it back just before it bucketed down.

Here's to my next National meet....

(Posted by David Irvine)


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