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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Rolls-Royce Factory in Derby

BBC is reporting that there is some movement with the old Rolls-Royce Factory in Derby.

I has been abandon for a number of years and mostly demolished in 2011.

Go on click on the image below and have a look around.

And one of the side gates. Not the most hospitable entrances.

Here is what BBC is reporting

"A major redevelopment could see hundreds of homes built on a Derby Rolls-Royce site where aeroplane engines were made for both world wars.

Developers displayed plans for 380 flats and houses for the Nightingale Road factory, which has been derelict for six years.

The early 20th Century marble hall at the front remains, but the factory behind was demolished.

Developers hope to renovate the hall and incorporate it in the development."

Further info here.


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