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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Silver Ghosts are coming

The Silver Ghosts are coming.

That's right the Silver Ghost Association are on tour. In Australia. And they have been spotted.

Having started in Tasmania on the 18 February, they are making their way throughout south east Australia and finish in Sydney on the 22 March.

There will be up to 30 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts together at any one time. Certainly special.

A few days ago they were spotted in the small town Maldon Victoria.

Population 1600.

It certainly looks like a quaint Aussie town.

Here is the Google Street view of the town to take a tour yourselves if you want.

View Larger Map

We are quite lucky that a Bentley Spotting reader lives in the town.

On seeing the cars on the main street - he went home straight away to grab his camera!

It certainly was worth the effort.

Thanks so much Tony, most appreciated.

I'm getting excited as on the weekend they are coming to Canberra.

Oh, and of course being in Australia you always come across larrikins.

Just look at what turned up in town on hearing that the Silver Ghosts were coming.

It's a car from the Feral Sports Car Club of Australia. It seems like a pretty funny car club, where their main sport is to 'drive on dirt roads to reach out of the way pubs'. Sounds like a noble pursuit.

The Silver Ghosts are due to arrive on Saturday in the Australian Capital.

There is the big Wheels car display on the Sunday, where all car clubs of the A.C.T. come together, with up to 400 cars present. It's the big one of the year.

I'll be taking pictures for sure of the Silver Ghosts.

Here is my video of entering last years Wheels Car display.

Send in your pictures if you spot the Silver Ghosts!


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