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Sunday, December 01, 2013

From The Classifieds

Team Bentey Spotting is back to the auctions for this week's From The Classifieds and a 1912 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost due to be offered by Bonhams at their "The December Sale" in London on 1st December.
It's a rather wonderful looking car.
Chassis #2015 is one of 188 examples of the 40/50 HP built to "London-to-Edinburgh specification" after chassis #1701 (below) which famously drove from London-to-Edinburgh (800 miles) and back in top gear.
The specification includes a lower rake steering column, dynamo installation, "London-to-Edinburgh" brakes, larger wheels, 20 gallon petrol tanks and 20-inch (low) radiatior.
Delivered by Auto Rolls-Royce (France), the Parisian Rolls-Royce concessionaire, to the Marquis de Linare in October 1912, chassis #2015 was subsequently acquired by Conde del Real of Madrid, and relocated to Spain. Juan Victoria and D Ricardo Trellles, both also of Madrid, acquired #2015 in 1917 and 1923 respectively. 
By 1969 it was owned by Jose Manuel Rodriguez de la Vina of Madrid, and it was about this time it is believed to have been rebodied with skiff style coachwork.
Returned to the UK in 2007, it has since been subject to a five year restoration, only recently completed, and fitted with new tourer coachwork. 
It is painted in black with a maroon coachline and tan leather with deep buttoned seats and brown leather bound carpets.
It's guided at GBP 700-900,000.
Credit to RRMC and Bonhams for history and photos.
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