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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ddaco Rolls-Royce Sculpture for sale

Yeah I'll have a Rolls-Royce please.

But I want a special one with special lovely pleasurable features.

I will call it the Octopidarium.

I want a green power engine. Make it the Garden of Eden, but in plastic. It doesn't need to go, but must have flowers coming out the front.

The engine is to have a fountain in the shape of a squat toilet of course. A working fountain please. Or maybe it's a bidet. In or out it does not matter really. That's the power right there. I'll have good foliage as well. Very fertile.

I also want an octopus chauffeur.  Slightly  stoned will do.

But those tenticles. I like those. I want 6 to be penises and 2 to be hands.

I want the penises to be going everywhere. Exploring.

Yeah that's how I like it.

Music, well let's have a piano. Have one of the octopus hands fingering that.

And the other hand?

Well, have it reaching over, just about to grab a beast. Yeah. Next to the bongs.

The beast of the masked prostitute lying in the chaise is the back seat. That's right.

You can do that yeah? That's what I like I'm in my Rolls-Royce.

And make it a married octopus chauffeur grabbing the prostitute for more realism.

I forgot the boot. I want a wood panelled bar. Yeah that will do it. A couple of fridges as well. And a stereo.

For more power I also want a large palm tree growing out the front of the Garden of Eden engine bay please.

In typical Rolls-Royce and Bentley fashion the answer is always yes. 

Just get it of EBay of course.

The piece is by the Spanish erotic artist Ddaco. 

From the eBay discription "This piece of art reflects erotic sexual sensations in a XVIII Century Brothel. This sculpture was the star of the International Erotic Lisbon Show in 2005."



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