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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I love it when cars I spotted almost forty years ago turn up on Ebay.

This Silver Shadow has just sold:

There is a reference in the ad. stating that there is photo of it when it was new on 
The ad says:

"Road tax expires Winter 2013. Current odometer reading is 11,750. This vehicle is featured on with a picture of the vehicle in Central London back in 1974 when first registered."

He actually means and the car was two years old when I saw it.

Here's my photo:

A lousy shot but I had a lousy camera that year.

I took that shot in the summer of 1976 and I let Marinus use it (and all my others) on his fantastic site.

Here she is again today:

She looks great. Better than my shot...

I do remember taking the photo. I was one of the first six of my soon to be obsession.

Here are a couple more taken the same day in the summer of '76:

I even remember asking this chauffeur if I could take this one:

Action/street shot:

Where are those cars today?

(Posted by David Irvine)


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