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Sunday, November 03, 2013

That Somewhat Cloudy 'T'

Well, I saw the old thing with my own eyes (and cameras) this morning. She was up on the block a quite few hours ago but I had to  leave before then.

She actually sold for 14Gs! (Canadian $) Wow!

I had to run before it all unfolded as I had a date with a slightly newer Bentley.

Anyway, back to the auction....

Lots Of interest.

Just who was 'LF' ?
Rock Star Larry Femelin, maybe...?

And an interesting car. Obviously very nice before she was laid up for 15 years. Decent paint, nice wood, 'then new' 15 year old tyres, & really good (possibly re-done) leather. Nice In-Car phone too.

But I loved the fact that she was up for grabs looking dirty.
A car wash surprise for the buyer?

In my opinion she will polish up well - even the pitted chrome - not perfectly, but...
I will do it for free for the buyer, if they are local. Honest.
To the buyer, if you are in the Toronto area (reasonably, a hundred Ks here or there...), contact me via Bentleyspotting.

You don't buy these cars as investments. You buy them because you love them.
A way to spend money and have enjoyment/pleasure without getting in trouble- as long as your wife doesn't know.

There were three other nice Crewe cars at the auction too:
A 2000 Bentley Continental R:

A splendid Bentley Arnage R:

And a really nice 1988 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur (in Wedding White):

But this T has a story to tell...

(Posted by David Irvine)


At 2:17 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

As good as the offer made by David Irvine to completely detail the T Bentley ..the new owner wants to take it home to share with his next door neighbour an avid British Car Buff.

I made them promise that they would have the car ready and make an appearance at Bronte British Car Day 2014...Larry Lemelin RROC member since 1985


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