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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Royal Yacht Britannia

Two days ago I was in Scotland.

Edinburgh in fact, catching up with an old mate from University.

I went to the docks down at Leith to see a yacht.

Yes, the Royal Yacht Britannia.

It was stunning.

Down the side it has cranes to lift items into the garage.

A car garage in fact!

There is something special in the garage.

Yeah it's a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

The classic State car.

A car you would expect to see the Queen in when she visited on her yacht.

This the special one with removable panel to the rear.

The rear panel comes off, so more people can see the Queen.

As does a roof section to let more light in so people can see.

The bumper bars actually had to come off to get the car between the cranes - certainly tight!.

But we have to have a sneak peek at some rooms. How about the Queen's study?

Here is the room they keep the State crockery.

It certainly was a beautiful dining room.

A nice lounge for relaxing after dinner.

And the Queen's bedroom.

Here is a special photo of the Yacht with Concorde.

Make me difinately want to go to Brooklands.

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