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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Rolls-Royce's mascot is made

This is from Yahoo Finance's page:

How the old girl is made today.
Here's mine:

And here she is today on the modern cars:

So how do they do it?
The story goes:

Then it's melted before it's poured into a form:

Wax forms are finished in batches for the mould process. The 'Lost Wax Process'.

The unfinished Mascots come out of the mould:

Then worker Stephen Richardson cuts off the 'form'

Then the finishing process:

A thorough inspection:

The bad ones are recycled:

And the end result:

Eleanor lives on forever. Charles Sykes would be proud.

Posted by David Irvine -two shots (first and last) are mine and the rest all by Stefan Wermuth/Reuters.
And thanks to JS for finding and sending me this.


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