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Friday, April 12, 2013

San Antonio Live..

That's better lads....
I'm proud of you.
More 'live' shots from the San Antonio RROC meet:
Our dear RRMC rep. & friend 'Satan's' Phantom DHC again:
Meanwhile in the outside 'parking lot':
50/50 Bentleys to RRs.
And my favourite red car lurking in the background...
'T' , when you want to get rid of that thing contact me first, okay?\
Other Crewe cars:
And this one is a very rare 'small rear window' Silver Spur (before the really small Mulliner style one)
Read this:
More Crewe cars:
Heavy duty stuff:
I Love this one:
This too:
Now I want a cuppa.
Anyone for tea?
"You fer coffee mate?"
"No, I got first class ticket..."
An old joke...
My spies have awoken - finally.
Thanks 'Ned'.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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